Track Rental

There are several ways to utilize the track.

  •  You are member of a car club or defensive driving school like: COM, NHSCA, NHKA, etc.  
  •  You and your buddies want to get together and
    have a day at the track with your own cars. For 10 cars or less our 2016 introductory weekday rate is $2,500 per day.  Driven Performance can arrange
    for driving instructors upon request.

CLub membership

During the 2017 season Canaan Motor Club will be finalizing plans for expanded onsite car storage and maintenance space. 

For 2017 (May-December) we are offering up to ten limited CMC memberships. These memberships include dedicated onsite trailer spots for car storage and repair as well as track access during non-scheduled event days. In addition we allow members to reserve one day per season to invite their friends for a "Day at the Track." These limited memberships are priced at $24,000 without initiation fees or ongoing obligations!


Disclaimer: All track access is managed by Driven Performance Inc.